Meet Traye

CEO & Creative Director of Classes and Events

Allure Dance NYC has been a long time dream of Tiffany 'Traye' Moore. Her love for dance, teaching, bringing people together & empowering women were the key ingredients to creating such a company. As a budding dancer in her childhood she spent countless hours practicing her craft beginning at the prestigious Dance Theatre of Harlem where she acknowledged her passion for dance. Went onward to Uptown Dance Academy & then to Harlem Hospital Dance Leadership Program where she found her individuality in the art. 

Training as a dancer in New York City, especially in Harlem has offered Tiffany a freedom of expression like no other. Learning the fundamental techniques such as as Ballet, Jazz & Modern created a great foundation but it wasn't until she was introduced to cultural & street styles that she found her place in dance. African dance, hip-hop, and urban burlesque were some styles that stood out to her.

Throughout the years Tiffany has trained to be an instructor of many dance types. She's taught children and peers since the age of 16; dance routines to cheer leading teams as well as movement coaching for school musicals and performances. Her proudest moments often come from teaching choreography and watching her students execute it instead of performing herself. In her teens she found a keen interest in feminine dance and movement, very sensual, expressive and alluring to the eyes of the audience. Artists such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Ciara are big influences on the type of dancing she wants her company to be known for.  

With Allure Dance NYC the goal is simple, help women find their freedom in dance by teaching them to "Enhance Their Sexy". She wants to give women the freedom to whip their hair, strut in heels, crawl on the floor and be playful if need be.

"As long as they are comfortable with themselves & feel sexy during class I'm satisfied. I don't want my ladies to feel judged or pressured I want them to feel confident, almost as if they're not being taught but just practicing what they already know" -Traye

As the founder & creative director of all classes and events at Allure Dance NYC she only wants to bring her ladies the best instructors, class formula and events to create the most amazing, sexy & Alluring experience possible.

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